Choices by DL

Ultimate flexibility in jewellery

Design Lead
Research & Concept
For Mobile

Choices by DL is the brainchild of Debora Huisman-Leeser, 4th generation in a line of GASSAN diamond dealers and jewellers. She asked herself a question: why do we have to settle for a single piece of jewellery? From this thought sprang the now well-known concept of Choices by DL: customisable jewellery with endless possibilities.

As design lead I worked with my colleagues at Reversed Digital to bring this concept into the digital domain.

The jewellery configurator.

After a one week 'discovery pressure-cooker' of we decided what should in a first MVP and started working on a configurator which allows customer to mix & match components to create their own style.

Apart from the jewellery configurator we also looked at the overall online experience Choices by DL was offering. It was decided that we needed to redesign the webshop, as the current version was providing a unsatisfying browsing experience and did not have a proper checkout. So in the end we also redesigned the webshop.

Customise or buy directly from looks.

We paid extra attention to additional upselling opportunities like 'shop the look' and the ability to upsell components from the shopping cart, such as extra frames and bases for rings.

Although we had to design rather quickly due to the project scope and budget, I enjoyed tinkering with the configurator — iterating on multiple versions and guerilla testing with people nearby. All in all the project ran for about 6 weeks and has produced nice results since it went live.