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The elite athletes of today are nothing short of true influencers. Their social media reach is huge. This offers immense value for teams and brands who want to share their message effectively.

But as it turns out, sports teams struggle with fully utilizing the social media reach of their athletes. The process of curating and sharing the right content is fragmented. Enter Fuse: preparing and distributing social content throughout teams easily. From manager to athlete.

Beginning 2019 I was tasked to design and prototype the athlete app which allows athletes to easily post prepared social content.

Athletes receive prepared 'updates' and can easily edit and post them.

In the old situation athletes mostly received their prepared social media content from their social media-managers, through channels like Whatsapp or email. The resulted in situations where the athlete quickly copy and pasted texts and images to social media which weren't always correct (to say the least).

I worked with the Fuse team through multiple iterations to come up with a simple yet focussed way for athletes to receive social content, review it and then post it.

Athletes receive prepared updates in their inbox containing social media posts. A small note from the sender (often times their teams' social manager, or a brand) could be included. Next, the athlete can easily edit each post by editing text and photography. When ready the athletes shares them directly to their social channels, or schedules them through Fuse.

Another issue that was uncovered talking to athletes, was that they were having a hard time getting their hands on the latest photos taken at events or contests. Therefore a shared media library was added to Fuse, accessible by the social manager and athletes themselves. This proved to be a great way to enable a sense of autonomy for the athlete.

Interviews and user tests with track cyclists at Papendal Sports Centre.

During the first few design sprints the conceptual model was fleshed out and tested with athletes. During these sprints the development team was brought onboard and the first releases quickly found its way to the app stores.

During the next 6 months the app was beta tested with two sports' teams. Resulting in a pivot and later (unfortunately) in pulling the plug on the project due to not reaching a sufficient product-market fit.

In the end the whole project was a great learning experience for the entire team.