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A tailormade order management system

Task focussed
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Months earlier my colleagues and I had started on completely redesigning GASSAN's online experience. In doing so GASSAN pointed out bottlenecks in their order management system. Their current order management system was lacking in functionality and making life hard for GASSAN's back-office staff. It also had the potential to slow things down on the front-end of the webshop.

So immediately after I wrapped up the webshop redesign project I started on the MVP of their new order management system, together with my colleagues at Reversed and the GASSAN team.

Order section.

We started out with gathering requirements and doing a task analysis to get an answer for the following questions: what are the key-tasks performed by the back-office staff and how could we make their lives easier?

For the MVP of the new order management system we only took the most essential tasks on board, slicing away waste. We wanted to find out how doing a few things really good would affect their workflow.

Taking all of the learnings into account, the new system was divided into three sections: orders, leads and vouchers.

The first section for a general overview of all orders. The second for reviewing and replying to new incoming questions from customers through their e-commerce website.

The latter, vouchers, to manage all active promotion and discount vouchers active in their webshop. In each section functionalities such as search, filters and sorting were designed to speed up specific tasks that are regularly performed.

Next to those key-sections a simple admin page for user management was also added.

Being one of the more important pages, the orderdetail page was tested and validated multiple times to make sure it ticket all the boxes in terms of tasks assigned to the back-office staff.

Orderdetail page.

One of the issues the back-office staff had was that they had to access multiple systems to find and retrieve information such as payment data, customer requests and carrier labels.

To overcome this issue I designed an activity feed in which the back-office staff could access the information they needed easily. Sorting the information in a chronological way also assigned a sense of relevancy to the each piece of information.

Leads, vouchers, user mangement.

After doing a more branding oriented project months earlier, this was a welcome Interaction Design-focussed project where I could focus on task-driven functionalities.

The whole project was designed and built in under four weeks. Although the new order management system is still quite limited in terms of functionalities, I think we delivered a solid little order management system that works great and serves as a good foundation to build upon.