Centraal Beheer

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Research & Concept
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Centraal Beheer is one of the Netherlands’ most iconic companies. It’s telling commercials and friendly character have a home in the hearts and minds of many. Being an insurance company under the Achmea brand since 1909, Centraal Beheer is now exploring new ways to deliver value to its customers through a diverse palette of initiatives.

I worked with Centraal Beheer on the pilot of “Lekker Bezig” (which can be roughly translated to “being on a roll”).

Early wireframe explorations.

The idea of "Lekker Bezig" revolves around uncovering insights from the users' current state of being. Users take a personality test. The insights from this test are turned into concrete stepping stones for personal improvement.

Users can then use the gained insights to sign up for a wide range of courses, workshops and e-learning modules — all geared towards improving their physical and mental well-being.

Choosing a coach.

One of the goals during the pilot phase was to validate the use of a real-life coach. After signing up users were introduced to five personal motivators, one of which would help them with their journey towards personal improvement. We designed a selection process which feels simple, direct yet personal.

Take the test and gain insight.

By taking the user through a series of questions covering multiple themes, the app builds up a profile of the current state of being of the user.

Part of the challenge here was to make the rather long test feel effortlessly and fast for a wide range of age groups. We iterated upon and tested multiple ideas. Some ideas were great on paper but didn't work so great in real life due to technical restraints. The end result is a rather simpel and straight forward approach navigate through and complete the test.

Test results.

After users complete the test and view the results, users enter a personalised “shop” where they can enroll in various courses, workshops, and e-learning modules — all geared towards the users' profile.

Final design of the apps’ shop offerings

During the project we tried to stay as lean as possible with our design solutions to not overload development capacity and keep speed up. On the other hand the sales people also wanted the app to 'sell'.

In terms of design we had to compromise in some areas. But by using simple patterns, flows and focussing on outcomes, I think we found a good middle ground. Apart from other things design is also a lot about making compromises and finding a solution that works in the midst of user needs, business needs and technical constraints.

I really enjoyed working on this project. The team was big and multidisciplinary, with lot's of expertise from all kinds of fields. Although I was a 'external' designer, I never felt like an outsider.

Thanks for reading.