Let's Meditate

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

Passion project
For Mobile

Every now and then I'll meditate, or at least try to. I really like the idea of having a moment of peace and quiet for myself. When I do this I like to use an app to guide me through it.

I came across Let's Meditate. A simple, small, free app with great audio guides. I loved it. The only thing I didn't love: the visual design.

It was designed using material guidelines, making it feel corporate and bland. Maybe the developers just went with Material Design as an early design choice whilst the app hopefully proved its value. Anyway, my fingers were itching to transform the apps' visuals into something better suited for an app which embodies calmness and balance.

So I decided spend some weekends redesigning every screen. Some screens of the original app can be found here.

Meditation can lead (for me at least) to a sense of being grounded and balanced. What does that look like? I tried to translate that feeling into a visual concept through associations I had with these feelings and emotions.

The meditation player.

I eventually decided on a color palette of calm tones of earth, sand and flora. For the typography I went with a playful and slightly quirky, yet modest typeface. Buttons, icons and actionable elements are simple and distinct.

Taking the premise that we should be able to calmly explore the app, in our own time and there is no need to rush, layouts are spacey, decluttered and have room to breath. No need to push information.

I changed up the information architecture of the original app to give statistics more real-estate. Keeping up with meditation can be challenging enough, so positive reinforcement through seeing that you are making progress is welcome.

Yet (referencing back to being grounded and balanced) statistics for an app like this should be neutral in its assertiveness. They should just be there, for when I want and need it, in my own time.

I really enjoyed stepping out of the flow of agency work and focussing on parts of the design process I enjoy most: tinkering with interactions, UI and connecting it to the a basic concept.

If you want to explore all the screens I've designed, you can see them in figma here.

Thanks for reading!